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In-Store Music

The right music enhances the mood of any store, and influences spending behavior. In-store music from Retail Radio creates the ideal atmosphere for any business. Whether you want a mood that’s fun, relaxed, inspiring – or anything else – we can create the perfect in-store music your customers will love. We help you design your own radio station, featuring music from big-name recording artists and professionally produced commercials that feature your business.

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Visual communication succeeds because people are drawn to images — and digital signage is a great way to keep your customers informed and entertained with attractive visuals. Our digital signage solutions combine your branding with video, graphics, animation, TV, and more.


The right music keeps customers in your store longer, and encourages them to spend more. Keep your customers entertained with your own customized radio station. Our in-store music services provide music your customers will love — and your own advertising and messaging between songs.


Studies have shown that scent can trigger powerful and memorableemotions in people. The right scent affects consumers in a positive way, and enhances the retail environment. Our various sensory branding products help you provide your customers with the best possible shopping experience.