Music Is Something Everyone Can Believe In
Against my better judgment—and, no doubt, the judgment of every other person at Retail Radio—I’m bringing up religion in this blog entry. More specifically, I’m bringing up the lack of religion, but either way I’m treading dangerous ground. I promise, though, I’ll get around to music eventually. On September 28th, I found myself sitting in […]
Fantasy Football and Garth
A strange combo?  It is, but one can’t be had without the other.  You see, last year I won the Retail Radio Fantasy Football League.  Being the champ is great enough, but the reward is definitely sweeter.  For being the King among peasants (trash talk is very common in fantasy football), I won to free […]
Dempsey’s Real Goal is Making Your Ears Bleed
Z, my fellow Retail Radio employee, is a huge soccer fan. With World Cup hysteria reaching a fever pitch (as I write this), I figured I’d try to learn something about the sport, if for no other reason than to fill the awkward silence that inevitably follows whenever Z tries to talk sports with me. […]
Music … How do you get noticed and does radio even matter?  I worked in radio for eighteen years and in many different departments.  Were you on the air?  Yes.  Programming?  Yes.  Promotions?  Yes.  Music Director?  Yes.  I sat for hours and hours as record people came in and shared “stories” of bands and why […]
It’s the circle of life….Not The Lion King, but music’s greatest year. Don’t know what year is the greatest? It’s the year when you are 15. I didn’t think the math held up, but it does. As evidence, I submit to you Steve’s 15th year and Steve’s Mom’s 15th year. More specifically, 1994 and 1967; […]
Why Unforgettable is So Unforgettable
Here’s how awful my memory is: When it comes to meeting people for the first time, I have a “rule of three.” That is, I have to introduce myself to that person at least three times before I remember that I’ve met them before. There are at least three Retail Radio employees who can vouch […]
A Little More About ‘64
Unless you’ve recently sworn off all media exposure—in which case, you’re cheating by reading this blog and should be ashamed of yourself—you’ve probably noticed that we just hit a big cultural milestone: the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ first appearance on U.S. television. No doubt about it, 1964 was a watershed year for the Beatles. […]
The Great Story Behind A Great Song
With the Academy Awards just around the corner, I decided to find out more about this year’s Oscar-nominated songs. I love stumbling across obscure dark-horse nominees in this category—and sure enough, tucked in between hits from Pharrell Willams and Broadway superstar Idina Menzel, I found a small gem of a song called Alone Yet Not […]
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Bonus
After seeing the second movie in the Hobbit series, The Desolation of Smaug, I can’t wait to see the third film—because I can’t wait for the whole thing to be over. You have no idea how painful that last sentence was for me to write. Scour the globe and you’d be hard-pressed to find a […]
Finding Peace with Being Annoyed this Season
The other day I opened up my web browser and was immediately assaulted by stories about Justin Bieber’s Australian graffiti scandal and Lady Gaga’s plans for her upcoming performance in outer space. (She’ll be the first pop star to perform there, and I imagine she’ll feel right at home.) These stories had two things in […]
Music To Be Thankful For
Due to a bunch of conflicting holiday schedules this year, my family decided to have an early Thanksgiving, which my wife and I hosted. (Nonstop prep work for three days: kind of a drag. Keeping all the leftovers for ourselves: priceless.) During our party planning session, my son offered to put together a CD of […]