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Music can influence people in ways that can change the way they shop, behave, and interact with you, your product, and your store. Learn how we can help you improve your sales, and profits, with our In-Store Music service and how you can help yourself with our articles below.

gym workout music licensing
Music Licensing for Gyms and Dance Studios
Gym owners, dance studios and martial arts dojos, take note: the standard overhead license provided to play music in a business does NOT cover the music you use in your classes. What does this mean? It means that not obtaining the proper licensure to play songs as your clients go through their workouts can cost […]
Chef prepping a meal
The Art of Music Curation: Part 2
Design Metrics – A Practical Approach In my last post I talked about “subjective characteristics” being used as design parameters in music curation strategy and why it was NOT an effective way to implement a music curation strategy for your business. In this post, I want talk about a “practical approach” to designing and implementing […]
NBC 3 Note Audio Brand
3 Examples of Audio Branding and How You Can Brand Your Business
Examples of Audio Branding Your branding efforts shouldn’t stop at visuals: audio branding is a powerful way to get clients to remember your business. A 2016 study on long-term noise recognition found that even meaningless audio patterns were recognizable for up to 4 weeks after they were first heard, even if the listener only heard […]
Audio Branding Creating Memorable Shopping
5 Reasons You Need Audio Branding
Audio branding – or sonic branding – is the use of a specific set of tones, a jingle or even spoken words as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Traditional visual/verbal branding, such as logos and slogans, helps your client base recognize you instantly and recall what your company does and what values you stand […]
Music Curation
The Art of Music Curation
Part 1: Going Beyond Demographics I wanted to talk a little bit about music curation strategy and why it’s important to YOU and your business. Offering the right sound and overall mood or “feel” for an environment entails more than just researching what’s popular or what a certain segment of the population is most familiar […]
exercising to good music
Using ‘Workout Music’ to Help Your Gym Users Reach Their Goals
Motivation is the key to keeping your clients primed to keep pushing themselves in your gym or fitness center. And what better motivator is there than workout music? From the gym floor to the fitness facility, music has become an essential element of exercise. It can influence intensity, elevate a client’s mood and boost motivation. […]
Happy Shoppers - retail music
Shopping to a Beat: Music Influences Customer Behavior
Most retailers know that creating the “Wow” factor for their stores is becoming more difficult. The market – especially that centered around smaller, privately owned stores – has become increasingly competitive. Store owners can no longer rely only on their products, location, prices and special promotion efforts to increase brand recognition. Savvy store owners are […]
music licensing
The Reality of Music Copyright Law
When your customers walk into your retail business, what do they hear? Depending on your brand and your knowledge of your customer base, your background music may be soft and classical, raw, loud and heavy or nostalgic. Regardless of the type of music you choose (or its noise level), music has long been a marketing […]
Holiday Shopping
Selecting the Right Mix of Holiday Music for Your In-Store Music Station
December’s here and it’s time to get your customers in the holiday shopping mood. For many consumers, holiday shopping can be both tiring and tiresome. Spending the day fighting holiday traffic, fighting crowds of other shoppers, dealing with harried customer service types and walking miles inside malls or on sidewalks can leave anyone mentally and […]
Shopping Music Mood
The Psychology of Spending as a Mood Buster
Let’s face it – the buying process can be fun. That’s why businesses prosper. Sometimes consumer spending isn’t always prompted by need, however. Research from academia to Wall Street has shown that the moods and feelings of shoppers can be both improved or lowered, depending on circumstances. For retailers, the act of shopping is the […]
woman with shopping bags
How Can I Use In-Store Music for Flow Control?
If you’ve ever played a game of musical chairs, you have an idea of how music can aid in flow control. When the tempo speeds up, there’s a natural inclination to move quickly and if the music slows, the natural inclination is to reduce your speed a bit. Using custom designed music in a retail […]
Ceiling speaker install
Why Should I Have a Professional Install My Store’s Audio Equipment
As technology continues to advance and become an essential part of running a business, it’s important to have all of your equipment working seamlessly to achieve the best audio experience through systems integration. You want technology that’s going to be working at peak performance for you and your business, rather than the other way around. […]