Some kind of Country….
We ask one another the same question when it comes to music, “Hey, what kinda music do you like?”. Then after a moment of self-reflection mixed with the fear that what you say won’t be cool enough we all say the same thing, ”Oh I like a little bit of everything”. Now, this isn’t a […]
Kids have it so easy!
We have truly become spoiled as a society and I for one am not apologetic at all, I am appreciative of it. I think we have never lived in a better era and as a 44 something year old I feel very fortunate to have grown up through a time when we transitioned from the […]
Chuck Berry
A Moment in Berry’s World
This month, we lost a musical legend and true cultural pioneer, Chuck Berry. (Not to be confused with that other cultural pioneer, Gong Show host Chuck Barris, whom we also lost. Man, what a rough month we had.) Most of us know that Berry was a big deal in rock music, and we’re familiar with […]
Cranky Music Rant
Cranky Music Rant Warning…………5…………4………3………2………1……… Technology has connected us all, we can communicate via words or video or voice. We can share experiences and we can bring people to places they have never been.  We can also remove ourselves from the moment under the guise of recording the moment for posterity.  In the spirit of vinyl, […]
Happy Accident
25 years ago I asked for Pearl Jam’s Ten on tape for my birthday.  I got my wish and wore that thing out. I was 12 going on 13 and Hair Metal was in the rearview mirror, ahead of me in my mom’s station wagon was 90’s Alternative. Pearl Jam quickly became one of the […]
Dead and Floyd
Over the summer I decided to take a pilgrimage to the past.  I was going to jump in my hot tub time machine, and go back and revisit some music I knew of, but never studied.  Some might say that music need not be studied, but experienced. I can’t disagree, and in fact, my studying […]
Time out. Pause. Break. Knock it off already
2016, Dude! 2016, why are coming out of the gate with a killing spree? Is The Angel of Death a concert promoter? Is he trying to put together a kickass concert in the clouds?  There are plenty of guys and gals already up there.  It’s already been discussed by The Commodores with Night Shift.   […]
7 Original Christmas Tunes to Get You in the Spirit
Christmas music isn’t really complicated.  There are 48 good Christmas songs, and they have been recorded by 134,987 artists. Now if you research these numbers you will find them to be false, but the exaggeration holds a fair amount of eggnog.  For the purpose of this blog, let’s throw out the Jingle Bells, and White […]
Unified Music Strategy for Businesses with Multiple Locations
When creating a brand, consistency matters. From your logo to your shop design to, yes, even the choice of music you play in your store, everything you do is designed to give customers a certain unified look and feel. The Importance of Music Branding When we think about branding, we tend to focus on what […]
Rachel Griffin
It Will Get Discovered Vol. 2
  We got such a great response from our last post (It Will Get Discovered) letting people know about some of the music we found while digging through stuff that really deserves to be found we decided to do another round!  I know the mindset is … if it’s good it will find its way […]
We Don’t Need Another (Guitar) Hero
In the world of music, everything old is eventually new again. Case in point: This fall, two of my all-time favorite retired videogames, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, get a reboot. Activision is releasing Guitar Hero Live in time for the holidays, and Harmonix has pegged October 6 as the release date for Rock Band […]
The Rua
It Will Get Discovered
So much music, so little time!  You may turn on the radio and disagree with that statement.  The music is out there, you just have to look a little deeper than the dial.  Here is some of the great stuff we have been listening to lately. The Rua The Rua is a trio out of […]