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As a leading provider of on-hold messaging services, Retail Radio works with you to create, and present, the right message to help you keep your customers engaged while on-hold. Learn techniques and strategies for maintaining your customer relationship with these guides and articles designed to help you improve your customer’s experience.

5 Tips for Good On-Hold Messaging
The average person spends about 10 to 13 minutes on-hold each and every week — or a lifetime average of nearly 43 days. Even though the average call to any given business results in a wait time of 40 seconds or less, you want your customers to come away from their on-hold experience happy and […]
On-hold services
How to Cope with a Higher Than Average Call Volume
  Most retail businesses see their share of highs and lows in call volume. Naturally, the approach of the winter holiday season drives large peaks in call volume. A significant percentage of retail stores hire seasonal employees to help satisfy the increased customer needs during this time because it’s key to maintaining a high level […]
4 Tips for Creating the Perfect On-Hold Environment for Your Callers
One of the most overlooked marketing strategies may be how you engage and interest consumers who call and are put on hold. Creating a welcoming environment for callers is just as important as that you offer in your business location. To create effective and interesting audio marketing messages, it’s vital to appeal to your target […]
Benefits of On-Hold Services Combining Music and Speech
It’s no secret that people spend a lot of time on hold. A 2012 study by Research Now found that people spend an average of 10 to 13 minutes on hold every week. If that doesn’t sound inconvenient, it adds up to an average of 43 days out of the average lifetime spent waiting for […]
4 Ways to Reduce Caller Abandonment
When a caller gets so frustrated at being put on hold that they hang up before ever speaking to you or one of your employees, that’s caller abandonment. And it hurts your bottom line: every dropped call represents untold amounts of lost revenue, because these people are usually frustrated enough to let their friends and […]
on-hold caller abandonment
What is Caller Abandonment?
Even the most well-staffed businesses have to place customers on hold from time to time. The problem is that most people hate waiting on hold to speak to a customer service representative, so many of those faced with an uncertain or long wait time are likely to hang up. When a customer hangs up their […]
Automated Telephone Attendant
Automated Phone Attendants
“For English, press one. for Spanish, press two”. If you’ve ever heard this phrase, you’ve encountered one of the most common tools in small business management: the auto attendant. An auto attendant is a computerized system that greets your callers and guides them through a menu of choices for the purpose of ultimately providing them […]
Why Messaging?
I worked in the restaurant business almost 10 years, and one thing our managers would always talk about is upselling. The truth is, there are always so many things going on over the course of a guest’s visit, and remembering to offer an appetizer or dessert, or remind them of our special promotion would often […]
Mobile Searches Place Added Stress on On-Hold Systems
If driving phone calls from mobile searches isn’t a priority for your advertising dollars, maybe it should be. According to Google, mobile searches generate 40 million or more calls per month, on average. Those calls averaged six minutes, and usually occurred during the research or purchase phase of a customer’s buying routine. With all that […]
It's Holiday Music Time
The Holidays Are Right Around the Corner
Is Your Holiday Music Ready? The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s time to switch your on-hold messages and music from summertime hits to something a little more appropriate for the darker, colder days ahead. As the days shorten and the leaves begin to fall, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas and […]
On-hold services
How On-Hold Services Work
Every minute of your customers’ time is a precious opportunity to inform them about your business and the services or products you offer. When a customer calls your business and sits on hold, that time is just as valuable as the time they spend talking to a real, live business representative. On-hold services allow you […]