What Happens When You Combine Digital Signage with Queue Management?
You get engaged and entertained customers Up until a few years ago, queue management systems were synonymous with simple, numeric electronic LED displays. Even today, many queuing solutions use LED technology to display ticket numbers and guide customers to the point of service. Recently however, an increasing number of businesses and organizations are incorporating multimedia displays […]
Standing in line
Queue Management and the Customer Experience
Queue management is more than just keeping people in line When you’re doing something you love, time seems to fly by, but if you’re bored to the point of tears, minutes can seem like hours. And what’s more boring than waiting in line? As the owner or manager of a business, you can improve your […]
Queue Management Eases the Pain of Standing in Line
Tom Petty was right on when he sang about waiting – it is really the hardest part of managing a retail location. So, what can you as a business owner do to make waiting a little easier on your customers, reduce lines and defuse frustration? How about implementing a queue management system to help with […]