10 Ways to Improve Your Customer’s Experience
The goods and services your customers purchase aren’t the only things they take away from your shop: they take away their perceptions of their experience, as well. How customers feel while shopping in your establishment is everything. It influences how they talk to others about your business and whether they’ll become repeat customers. By providing […]
woman with shopping bags
Appealing to Your Customer
What Customers Want From your Retail Store Online shopping is quick, easy and convenient. With the ability to purchase nearly anything and get detailed information about those products with just the click of a button, customers no longer have to set foot in brick and mortar retail stores. When they do venture into your business, […]
Can Your Brick and Mortar Compete Against Online Stores?
Not that long ago, there was no question that a customer would walk into a retail location to fill their every need. Mom and Pop stores gave way to big box stores, but they were still stores – that is, they were brick and mortar locations staffed by employees and maintaining a certain amount of […]