Embedded Messaging
Beyond In-Store Music: Using Embedded Messaging to Spread the Word
Make no mistake, having a great custom playlist with fully-licensed music tailored to the appropriate programming block is important, but there’s a way to take your in-store audio to the next level. Embedded messaging allows your sales associates to focus on providing the best customer service possible, including fielding questions posed by customers rather than […]
Hitch a Ride on Our Technology Coattails
Is it better to partner your business with a technology company that is really good with music or a music company that is really good with technology? What do you care as long as you have access to cutting edge tools, integration to your technology without having to invest the millions of dollars to build […]
Pandora and Music Licensing Fees
Paul Simon is one. Macklemore is one. Robin Thicke is one. So is Scott Thomas, so is Drew Gasparini, and so is Wouter De Backer. What are they? They are Songwriters. Some of the names are more recognizable than others, and some seem to be more famous for performing, but they are in fact songwriters. […]
My Classic Pop & Rock Independence Day Playlist For 2013
  These are my top 10 songs (with videos) to help celebrate July 4th:   #10 Surfin’ U.S.A. The Beach Boys     #9 America Simon And Garfunkel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSNGFvOd0Pw     #8 Back In The U.S.A. Chuck Berry     #7 R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. John Cougar Mellencamp     #6 Young Americans David Bowie […]
Ringside: Performing at IQMetrix
Ringside performed at IQMetrix Summit a while back and they played their hit Always Raining Next Door. Scott Thomas also happened to mention us.
Music Music Music
Welcome to the new version of our Retail Radio blog. In this space, we’ll continue to share our thoughts on music, retail, and more. We’re big believers in in-store music, and how valuable it can be to businesses wanting to connect with their customers on a deeper level. Digital signage, scent and other sensory branding […]