sensory branding
What’s That Smell?
Without scent the cave man (and Woman) likely would not have survived as it was indicator and likely started an index of what could be eaten and what shouldn’t.  We all would like to think that we have progressed far from this and we have but our animal roots and sense of smell can still […]
Does Your Gym Smell Like a Gym?
Scent Marketing for Gyms There’s no place that benefits from an upbeat ambiance more than a gym – after all, you want people to keep coming back. Cultivating a positive client perception of your fitness establishment is an important part of maintaining membership rolls and business growth, especially when your clients make a point of […]
Ambient Scent
How Music and Scent Can Increase Retail Sales
Good retailers know ambience matters in their business location, no matter what they’re selling. From music selection and inviting window displays, to the right product organization and a sales team to match, every detail contributes to the customer experience – even scent. The ideal shopping experience engages all five senses, which is why music and […]
Put your Customers in Buying Mode with Sensory Branding
All of us must have encountered the smell of fresh popcorn in a theater lobby at some point in our childhood. Even if our last visit to a silver screen was decades ago, that unmistakable odor can still cause our minds to recall long-past Saturday matinees with our friends. That’s a semi-conscious association, and there […]