Digital Signage

Retail Radio Digital Signage solutions merge your content and branding with video. They create sharp-looking content from existing media files and real-time data feeds such as news headlines or local weather forecasts — with your branding included. People love to watch digital signage displays — video, photos, artwork, animation, graphics and more. You can manage your signage with just a few clicks. And you can easily update your content, so messaging can be perfectly suited to each store.


Content Creation





Our digital signage solutions offer much flexibility. Messages can be full-screen, or the screen can be split into “zones” so you can display more than one message at a time. You can customize the content and timing of zones in numerous ways. Show custom commercials that change according to time-of-day. Include scrolling for news or weather info. Show live television next to customized content. And it’s easy to change the format every few minutes — full-screen TV, then split-screen with store content, then a change to other messaging. Customization is easy, and can be controlled remotely. Updates can cover any grouping desired. Our digital signage solutions give you the look and feel you want.

Single Zone

Single Zone Digital Sign

Dual Zone

Dual Zone Digital Sign

Tri Zone

Three Zone Digital Sign

Tri Zone Video Pass Thru

Digital Sign with Video Pass Through

Our digital signage solutions allow you to leverage existing content and assets from images, Flash files or videos (.flv, .mov, .mp4, wmv) to create dynamic content. Basic animation of assets can be created and controlled within the Content Management Studio (CMS).


Digital Signage Content Creation Screen

The components area of CMS provides access to RSS News, RSS Weather, RSS Video Podcasts, HTML, TV Tuner, clocks and more. This can bring static digital signage displays to life with local content. Weather can be provided at the zip code level. And with integration of the TV Tuner, you can configure local news or sports. Components help you customize digital signage displays so they’re aligned with local interests, while corporate offices retain control of branding and promotions.

Digital Sign with Video Pass Through

With Retail Radio digital signage systems, all content and zone layouts can be scheduled based on time-of-day, day-of-week, or duration. For example, content displaying a lunch special can be scheduled to change around noon in one zone, while other zones stay the same. That same zone can change again for dinner or late-night specials. Content can easily be adjusted via the campaign and/or timeline manager. Scheduling can be controlled to the individual store level or in predetermined groups.

The field player is a thin, 8-inch computer used specifically for digital signage. It can be easily hidden in a cabinet or on a shelf. The built-in VESA mount makes it easy to attach to a wall behind an LCD screen. It can be installed and set up in just a few minutes.

The field player offers the easiest method for updating content in our digital signage systems. Field players only update if the CMS directs them to. Otherwise they simply check in, using a very small amount of bandwidth. If broadband internet access is not available, field players can be updated via USB (however, weather and RSS feeds will not be available without internet access). Schedule, content, campaign managers, commercials and more can all be updated via USB when needed. It’s fast and easy to update the Retail Radio digital signage systems.