Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

Retail Radio is a customized radio station that will up-sell and promote specific products and services within your stores. Our service was created to be an investment in your business that will pay for itself through increased sales and productivity. Retail Radio costs less per day than a typical cup of coffee.  Rates vary based on number of locations and your production needs.

Does in-store music really make shoppers buy more?

Yes! There are scientific facts on how music affects the shopping experience and our in-store music case study uses this research as a reference guide to educate how music actually increases sales and how to apply it to your business.

Is the music licensed?

Yes. Utilizing Retail Radio as an in-store provider covers you with all four of the music rights companies. Your store will be able to legally play every song ever produced.  Retail Radio represents your business and pays all fees to SESAC, BMI, ASCAP and SOCAN (Canada).

Do I need expensive antennas mounted on the buildings?

No. An internet connection is preferred but not completely necessary.

What installation is required?

Our “Plug and Play” box can plug right into most stereo tuners. However, if you do not have a tuner or speakers, we have nationwide installation capabilities.

Can I help create my company’s radio station?

Yes. A format consultation is provided to mirror the feel and consumer lifestyle you have in mind. The tempo of the station can be customized by the hour, if desired.

Do I have to pay extra creative fees for my in-store messaging?

No. Retail Radio does not charge our customers for writing the copy or producing the messaging that will play between songs. Our creative team creates in-store messages that may include branding, specials, upcoming events, charity affiliations, products, tips,  facts, and job recruiting information.

Can I use co-op dollars toward my company’s in store messaging?

Quite possibly. Retail Radio provides proof-of-performance invoicing so that any approved co-op is easily reimbursed. You may even earn incremental dollars by selling advertising on your Retail Radio Station.

Do each of my stores’ locations have to play the same in-store music and messaging?

Absolutely not! Each store may run different messages that are tailored to their location. Unique music playlists may also be developed for different locations. For example, a store in Chicago may run a more contemporary hits or rock format, while a store in Texas may run a format with more of a country music flare. Our program department will work with you to develop the right music for your business.

What if I have connectivity issues?

If you are experiencing trouble with your service please follow our easy and user friendly Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide for assistance.

How can I get started with Retail Radio?

Contact a Retail Radio Associate by email or call 888-80-SOUND (888-807-6863)