We created the GRRID to help you easily manage your music and messaging with just a few mouse clicks. Our proprietary GRRID software makes the entire process quick and easy — helping you seamlessly combine your branding with music your customers will love.

The GRRID connects with the Retail Radio Plug N Play media player at each of your locations, and gives you optimum control and flexibility. The GRRID also monitors each media player 24/7, and can detect and fix potential issues before they become problems. The system can send alerts to our Customer Care representatives and your own designated personnel.

The GRRID is the ultimate interface to help you manage your in-store music and messaging.

Features Include:

  • Music and messaging rotation control
  • Custom music channels featuring only the music you want
  • Day parting to set the mood of your business throughout the day automatically
  • View all of your locations from one control panel
  • Heirarchy control by regions and groups

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