In-Store Music

We don’t believe in generic “background” music. We create “foreground” music — the perfect in-store radio station your customers will love. People notice the music as soon as they step inside a store — and if they like it they’ll stay longer and spend more. That’s our goal for your business.

Music has been proven to affect how people feel, react, and even shop. Science has shown how music can affect shoppers.

As your in-store music provider we design your custom radio station with your customers in mind. We create in-store radio stations featuring rock, classic rock, country, jazz, classical and more. Whatever mood you want to create — fun, relaxing, energizing or other — we provide the in-store music your customers will appreciate. Sample a few of our in-store radio stations.

In-Store Music

Learn how retail radio can help you create your own custom radio station.

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Professional Install

We also provide professional installation and sound system design in the US and Canada
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Automated Music Consultation

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We are big-time music lovers! We have extensive histories in all facets of the radio industry. We are experienced disc jockeys, music programmers, audio producers, voice talent, creative copywriters, and managers. We know sales, marketing, and the music industry. We have relationships with industry professionals, record labels, and chart-topping bands, singers, songwriters and musicians. Our passion and experience help you create the best possible in-store radio station for you and your customers.

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