On-Hold Service

Retail Radio’s on-hold service improves your marketing efforts by leveraging an important tool your customers already use — the telephone. With on-hold music and on-hold marketing, you can entertain your phone customers and align messages with your overall marketing goals.

Today, many businesses are trying to operate with fewer employees; that often leads to increased hold ratios and times. On-hold messaging from Retail Radio can fill those times with marketing opportunities.

Our on-hold music and on-hold messaging provide a customer-communications platform that’s easy to use — while helping you build your brand in an entertaining way. Retail Radio creates looped on-hold messaging (specific to your brand) that complements the on-hold music and keeps things interesting for customers on the phone.

Our unique on-hold service includes top-notch production, with digital quality sound, along with an easy process for updating the music and messaging.

Retail Radio’s on-hold service gives you the opportunity to entertain and educate your customers when they’re on hold. Make the time pass quickly for them with on-hold music, and make the best possible use of that time with your own on-hold marketing.

You can learn more about the science behind on-hold services and how they can affect your business in our on-hold services white paper.

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