Queue Management

Retail Radio has the ultimate queue management solution. Our queue system helps keep your waiting customers informed, reduces perceived wait times, and helps you improve your customer flow management. With Retail Radio queue management, customers won’t be frustrated, because they’ll know the expected wait times.

The queue system is anchored by our Digital Clipboard, which displays visual information on where customers are in the process. Data captured and displayed by the Digital Clipboard can enhance your queue management. Information from the queuing system is captured from the time a customer enters your store — so you’ll get important statistics in real time. For example, you’ll know how many customers are waiting in line at any or all of your stores.

Our queue system gives you data you didn’t have before, giving you the ability to make quicker, better decisions on queue management. All data from the queuing system is exportable, so you can evaluate it at any time.

Digital Clipboard also includes a full video platform — so along with customer queue information, it displays short commercials relating to your business, educating customers and reducing perceived wait times.

The Retail Radio queuing system is dynamic and easy to use. It can give you the data and support you need to improve your customer flow management with minimal effort.

Find out how Queue Management can help you >>

Find out how Queue Management can help you

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