Retail Radio Benefits

Retail Radio gives you control over your in-store music and messaging, so you can direct customers to specific products and services that maximize your sales and profits. Retail Radio provides numerous benefits:

  • Your own customized radio station.
  • Music your customers will love (they’ll stay in the store longer and spend more!).
  • Your own messaging between songs (advertising, information, events promotion, etc.).
  • A professional sound, featuring big-name recording artists (your station will sound like a top-rated radio station!).
  • Customer-friendly music chosen by you (not your employees).
  • Easy-to-use tools for managing your music and messaging.
  • Flexible messaging that can be sent to as many of your locations as needed.
  • Easy installation (no dishes, antennas, or live streaming).
  • Nationwide installation and service.
  • Licensed music only, so you never have to worry about fines for copyright infringement.
  • Proof of performance (to create vendor and third-party subsidy opportunities).
  • Top-notch customer service.

More than 80 percent of purchase decisions are made when shoppers are in the store. Research by A.C. Nielsen shows that during a store visit, 95 percent of shoppers will buy something in addition to what they intended to purchase. Retail Radio makes shopping more enjoyable for your customers while giving you the opportunity for optimum messaging before, during, and after point-of-purchase.