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Scent Sells

Customer experience is everything in retail. The sights, sounds and smells of your physical space create powerful, memorable impressions that take root at a very deep level. Engaging customers, making them stay in the store longer, and come back time and again, is the goal. Scent is a powerful experiential tool that can build a competitive advantage and differentiate your brand.

We all know how we react to smells, both good and bad. As retailer, you can’t afford to leave your customers’ reactions to chance. Complete experiential marketing is defining successful retailers.  If you’re using music in your retail stores you should be using scent.

Brand recall, customer retention, employee productivity and product marketing are important strategic factors that are critical to retail success.  They are also elements that can be significantly enhanced by scent.  Using scent properly is a sound business decision that can positively impact your customers and staff experience.

Creating an Amazing Scent Experience

It takes more than lighting a candle to create the perfect experience in your stores.  It depends on two closely related elements.  One is the scent and the other is how it is delivered.

There is a Difference


smokeAirQ Atmosphere’s scents are designed by some of the world’s most renowned fragrance artists.  People who are responsible for many best-selling fragrances including Clinique Happy, White Diamonds, Tommy Bahama Set Sail Him, Aramis Always for Her, Polo Blue, Fierce and Tommy Hilfiger Cool Spray for Women.

These experts know how to deliver a message or impression to specific audiences using scent.  They can either create a custom scent for your stores, or you can choose one of their creations from the AirQ scent library.  These distinctive ambient scents are designed to help you create a mood in your retail locations supporting your positioning and marketing, delighting your customers and staff.

We even help you decide on which scent is right for your stores by using our virtual scent expert tool.  This helps eliminate some of the guesswork that might occur when considering which fragrance best defines the retail experience you are creating.

All of this means you can confidently add quality scent to your retail locations.


AirQ is the world’s most sophisticated scent delivery technology system.  We are happy to share all the details but the bottom line is that we put scent into your stores evenly, cleanly and safely.  With most scent delivery systems the scent is often stronger close to the source and non-existent the further away you get. AirQ sends out micro droplets of scent that behave like a dry vapor floating in the air throughout the room so  our scent can be experienced the same regardless of where your customers are in the store – there are no hotspots.  We also never leave fragrance residue on counters, clothing or items on the shop floor.

It is also important to note that our scents contain no solvents, propellants or harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safe for customers and staff.

Our appliances can be programmed so they aren’t scenting in off-hours, or are at heavier distribution levels during high traffic periods.  All ensuring that the scent experience is delightful and consistent during business hours, and that you’re not wasting scent and money.

The Strategic Partnership


View our Prolitec Presentation

View our Prolitec Presentation

At AirQ we remove all risk by providing the most robust, flexible and advanced scenting experience available, and then backing it with world-class support and service.  Our goal is to demystify the entire process to enable an informed, strategic decision and outstanding results.   Once you decide to enhance your customer’s experience we take it from there, providing scent mapping, regular service and support.

AirQ Atmospheres is trusted by brands just like yours.

Let us tell you more about how we can make a difference in your retail business.